G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle EV g technology g drive ssd

by charoenmotorcycles123DG

Doing a lot of location work with a small crew, I was looking into the G-SPEED Shuttle EV from G-Technology as a potential all-in-one solution: offloading RED Mini Mag and making triple backups in a single enclosure. So I got in touch with G-Tech and got this loaner Shuttle EV for me to try. After using it on a short documentary in Germany, where we were filming across the country, these are my ideas on the Shuttle EV’s usability and if I would invest in it.

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Note: while I am clearly a fan of G-Technology products, I do not have any sponsorship or ad deals with them. I just received a loaner Shuttle to try out.

Thanks ever so much for watching!

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Shot on RED Helium 8K, lit with Aputure 300D.
Behind the scenes footage shot on Panasonic GH5.
Audio recorded on Sanken COS11D, with Zaxcom transmitters into a Zoom F8. .

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G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle EV

G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle EV

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G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle EV
g technology g drive ssd
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Neil Garcia 28/09/2021 - 3:34 PM

I just received my G-Speed Shuttle 24 TB yesterday. The drive's construction is well made. And the speed of the drive while using Raid 5 is very fast in both Mac Mojave and Windows 10 with high 3 digital speeds for read and write. However, no documentation is included within the box. A very bad decision made by WD.

When I spoke to a WD salesperson before buying, I was told that you can format the drive in ExFat so it can be accessed by Mac and PC. * WRONG * According to G-Tech support, after I bought the drive, ExFat is not stable with RAID. Their suggestion was to keep the drive format as Mac Enhanced + Journaled. Then download Paragon's HFS+ software. I went to Paragon's website and could not purchase from there. I did a quick Google search and discovered you can download the Paragon HFS+ software for free on WD website. The WD tech support person was not aware of this fact. Once you do install the Paragon HFS+ software in Windows, you also must turn on the drive's Better Performance setting under Policies for the drive. Otherwise, the drive's write speed goes down to 94mb per seconds. Tech support was unaware of this fact either.

In conclusion, the G-Speed shuttle drive is well made and is very fast. For a hard drive that costs $2,000.00, I would however expect WD to include a simple laser printout discussing basic instructions within the box. I would have never known what format to use if I did not chat with tech support for hours. Furthermore, WD sales department is providing incorrect details on using ExFat. Remember, don't use ExFat or you may lose your data. Consider the drive, but be aware the communications from WD sales and WD tech support is not acceptable, IMO.

Miles Cable 28/09/2021 - 3:34 PM

For some reason mine is getting only 120mbs read / write speed, any tips?

KEN AND ZEN 28/09/2021 - 3:34 PM

Hi there, thanks for the review, I'm considering the XL version, but I can't find anywhere is it's producing a lot of noise or not.. what is your take on that? I might use this mainly in a quiet office environment, and I am wondering if this will make noticeable noise.. ?

Rory on a Bike 28/09/2021 - 3:34 PM

Nice overview of the Shuttle in practice. I'm considering the R-Series. My main concern is the short cable. Do you find that you have to purchase a longer cable?


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