FINALLY Back To Work After Having Covid PNEUMONIA!! | HVAC Life m c technology

by charoenmotorcycles123DG


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I’m finally back to work after being out with covid pneumonia for over a month. My covid symptoms were pretty rough. I’m glad to be back! In this video I do a job walk on a remodel project I’m working on. I’m installing a Trane heat pump split unit for the upstairs and a Trane gas furnace, coil, and condenser for the downstairs, both systems have an Aprilaire filter media installed. Today I’m getting a material list for the trim-out, the rough-in has already been completed by a sub-contractor. Hope you enjoy the video, LET’S DO SOME WORK!!

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#hvac #covid #bluecollar .

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FINALLY Back To Work After Having Covid PNEUMONIA!! | HVAC Life

FINALLY Back To Work After Having Covid PNEUMONIA!! | HVAC Life

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FINALLY Back To Work After Having Covid PNEUMONIA!! | HVAC Life
m c technology
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Jason Kaplan 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

I like that you used pan under vertical furnace…. Great attention !!!!!!

Russell McLaney 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Praying for a complete recovery, Stay strong!

moeselec 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Hope you feeling better!

Car U 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

is anyone going to ask if he got the vaccine?

James Brown 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

glad 2 c u bak

Kilo5910420 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Everything you do is clean just one thing I always silicone where coil meets furnace the heat always dries out the tape an peels very prematurely

Dan DaMan 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Thanks for the update. Feel better Zack!

Kyle K 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Glad to see you back!

Phillip Newman 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Welcome back keep up the good work

daanski82 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Dude take care of you self. And try to help you lungs with mucus removing with natural hebs like thyme syrup

Michael Mason 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Is that the duramax

Fernando Garnica 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

I am glad to see you again, I hope you and your wife feel 100% better, God bless you.

porkchopjp 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

glad you and your family are ok. crazy how people still think this is a joke

Rodolfo Garza 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Glad to see you again..

Marco Ferreira 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Nice to see your back. Best to you and family

robert stinnett 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Been in the HVAC business 36 years. Great to see the passion and quality you put into your work, thought for sure we had lost that. Thank you for the videos and keep up the good work!

Patrick Villegas 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Why not use square duct in basement?

Jesus Meda 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Welcome back, I am glad you feel better

Straycurrent 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Good to see you back at it. Sounds like your timing was good having that pneumonia checked when you did — it probably could have gotten a lot worse real fast.

Tommy Phelan 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

I’m glad your feeling much better and what Denali truck do you have

LSM 12999 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Missed your videos man!!

Mitchell Johnston 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Hey Zac hope all is well. Hope you and your family are safe and doing well. Glad to have you back. God bless.

Matt G 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Me and my wife got Covid-19 and I was out for about a week and a half. It was like a minor cold, but I had very little energy.

william server 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

I never see round duct for supply trunk. We use rectangular duct with round takeoffs here in PA.

Juan Antonio G 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Ánimos y buenos videos gracias

Joseph Bleich 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Glad your ok, looking forward to more content.

Wayne Miles 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

We’re you and your family vaccinated?

Mr Tonge 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Glad to see u back brother

hugh holt 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Just caught your channel. Sorry about your Covid 19. Will subscribe and check out some older videos. Former hillbilly from Johnson City, Tenn. Retired in 2000 as A/C and Electrical Contractor in Florida. Nice looking install.

Mohd Aamir 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Sir i am a big fan of you i watch every video i like you very much sir

Creative Tradesman 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

I know the feeling. My wife and I went through it together recently as well. I’m glad your feeling better now and recovered. On the bright side now you’ve got natural immunity.

Chris Yuriar 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Glad to hear your better brother! Covid grabbed me by the nuts ended up in the hospital for a week. Still only 85- 90% better after 2 months! But thank God I made it through and you too!

lee zimby 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Do your part get vaxxed !!

Max Prusak 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Glad you are doing well again.. missed 6 weeks of work earlier this year due to covid.. lost 17 pounds in the first ten days, my body was just junk. Took a while to get my mojo back

J Gonzo 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

glad to see you back and feeling better , missed the videos!

john keenan 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Was wondering where you when man. I enjoy your content. Take it easy man

Nate P 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Glad you are on the mend, always enjoy your vids

Fausdionis Pizzeria 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

I got covid last Wednesday from my wife also. She got it from our daughter. Our daughter also past it onto both of my wife's parents. So yeah it gets around like a trailer park mom.

HVAC EXPLAINED 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Glad you’re back.

Dave G 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Looks good make sure you take it easy!!! How’s it going with the new company you joined?

TechBass 94 27/09/2021 - 4:43 PM

Going back to work after having covid was rough for me. Showed up my first day back and was told our install for that day was in a hoarder's home. Attic was full of rat crap, and piss. The next day I found out I had ammonia poisoning. Was out for another week. I went back to work a week after that and feel fine now. Good to have you back!


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