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Trang chủ » Leaving college to go to vocational school is a waste of mental energy.

Leaving college to go to vocational school is a waste of mental energy.

Leaving college to go to vocational school is a waste of mental energy.

Leaving college to go to vocational school is a waste of mental energy.

According to experts, learners need certain skills for each teaching method and should not think that high-grade vocational training is in vain.

After the 2022 final exam, Nguyen Hui Hoang (from Hai Duong) scored 23.7 with 8.2 in Mathematics, 7 in Literature and 8.5 in Geography in C04 overall. By including priority points, I can pass economics and social science in some universities. However, Hoang is not considering this option and will study automotive engineering at Hanoi Polytechnic Vocational College.

According to Tran Thi Nu Trang, Head of Student Education and Management at Hanoi Polytechnic College, the automotive industry and programming industry are very lucrative. More than 60% of applicants to these two majors have GPAs of 7 or higher in their undergraduate or three-year high school.

Dr Hong Ngok Win, former director of higher education (Ministry of Education and Training), said that good high school students value university entrance exams and still choose colleges as “brain drains”. When choosing a university or college, emphasize the relevance factor.

“Good results in high school are not a necessary and sufficient condition for success in university, as there are many influencing factors. High scores do not fully reflect the skills or strengths of the applicant. Therefore, the student’s ability to choose university or study skills , has qualifications and conditions and “depends on family orientation”, said Mr. V.

Secondary 9+3 students during classes at Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics and Technology in February 2022.  photo by man tung

9+3 students at Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics and Technology during class in February 2022. image: man tung

School psychology and professional advisor Mr. When Do van Giang was working at Dinh Tien Hoang High School (Hanoi), he met many students, but was confused that he was not allowed to do so. Students, some children have to give up all practice. According to him, this is an example of how good it is to study in high school, but it is not good to study in university, every profession, business or educational system requires certain skills.

Also according to Dr. Hoang Ngok Vinh, many industries and professions today require learners of “very high” levels of foreign languages, math and physics, such as car maintenance and working with smart home appliances. Choice and effort is for everyone, there are challenges in acquiring good job skills and learning a job, but it is not as easy as many people think,’ Mr Wayne said, and this should not be underestimated. Degree is only for the poor. students.

According to the Office for General Statistics’ 2020 Labor and Employment Survey report, unemployed people with a university degree or above accounted for 20.7%, the highest among the total unemployed workforce. The proportion of college graduates is 10.1% and the proportion of high school graduates is 7.6%. The Bureau of General Statistics suggests that “people with a college degree or higher are most likely to find a job that matches their level of education.”

In terms of income, university degree or higher (master, PhD…) average VND 8.75 million per month (in 2020), primary VND 7.55, college VND 7.02 and intermediate VND 6.86 million. Although the graduate group earns more, experts say the difference is not significant due to the higher cost of tuition and longer study periods for the bachelor’s and master’s systems than other systems.

Applicants who opt to go to college don’t even see this as a drop out disadvantage.

In the 2022 graduation exam, Pham Trung Hiu (Phu Tho) scored 8 or more in 5/6 subjects. Male students scored 27 points in C00 (Literature – History – Geography), 23.4 in D01 (Mathematics – Literature – English) and can transfer to several major Hanoi universities.

However, Hieu is accepted and will study nursing at Phu Tho Medical College after achieving a combined B23.2 (mathematics, chemistry, biology) of 00. Hu said that if you go to university and live in Hanoi, tuition and living expenses can range from a few tens to hundreds of millions of dong. As far as the rural college is concerned, it takes only three years for male students, and the tuition fee is also “easy” at VND 5.7 million per semester.

3 years ago, Hanoi Polytechnic College student Truong Thi Do (25, nk n) won a silver medal in CNC milling, a world record for the past 20 years in Vietnam. Skill Competition.

Nghe Boyan said of his decision to go to college last year, “An apprenticeship doesn’t sound fancy, but to me getting a university degree doesn’t matter what you learn and what skills you have in three years. ” 2015 with good academic standing.

As of the end of August 2022, colleges and high schools enrolled 162,343 students, including 75,362 undergraduates, according to the state’s Department of Vocational Education. Mr. Do Van Jiang saw this as a “good sign” that many children have realized what suits them and what they need, but they no longer dream of going to university to become engineers, doctors, grandparents. lets see.

For jobs and positions that do not require university-level knowledge, an applicant’s college exam cannot be considered “poor” or unfair. “It is absurd to attract all the students to the university, it is absurd to convert the university into mass education,” said Mr. Jian said. After graduation, gifted students take undergraduate and graduate courses considered essential and can study continuously or systematically.

Nguyen Hui Hoang is going to Hanoi to study in October. “I decided to study hard and earn about 10 million dong a month, improving my skills to finish school,” Hong said, adding that he believes the number is more than skilled workers. Will benefit as cars become more popular. popular.

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